Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Killer Emotions

Killer Emotions

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Before we try to understand the title, let us define the terms. ‘Business’ can be any work you are passionately involved. 


Poems From The Heart

Take time for meditation or prayer
Depending on if you are a spiritual person or not, this suggestion may or may not apply to you. Taking the time to find some inner calm can be a wonderful way to wash some stress away from your being. It will help you stay in a good mood to do this every once in a while. Even if you are not religious, peace and quiet combined with meditating on the day’s events is a good practice.


Recovering from a Bad Decision

  1. Take full responsibility. The first step you must take when having made a poor choice is recognize the part you played in a situation. It does no good at all to make excuses or rationalize or pretend that, for whatever reason, you aren't to blame. If you want to move forward from wherever you've found yourself, you have to take responsibility for your choices and actions. 

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