Sunday, 30 March 2014

Are You Settling For Less Money In Your Account And Less Freedom?

Are You Settling For Less Money In Your Account And Less Freedom? 

Simplify Your Life: Successful Saving: Successful Saving  Successful saving is all about getting a positive mindset and setting a goal. If you need some practical ...

Be honest with yourself, earning less and having less than you deserve is a form of being broke.

From Warren Buffett says,“If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you do need.” I created a list of ridikulous items people spend money on. That’s right, so ridikulous that I had to spell the word wrong.
  1. Designer water! – You went to dinner for food not water.
  2. 22-inch wheels. – Look at me!
  3. Cigarettes – When you’re smoking, you aren't calling.
  4. Fast Food – You will never meet a client at the drive through.
  5. Strippers/Gambling – C'mon man…
  6. Sugar Crush Levels – Spend more time unlocking the next level than learning your craft.
  7. ATM Charges – You shouldn't have access to an ATM password.
  8. Interest on Credit Card – Never, never, never pay interest.
  9. Lottery Tickets – You aren't that lucky.
  10. Desserts – You've already over eaten.
  11. 32 oz. Steaks – No one needs that.
  12. Groupon Offers – They go unused.
  13. Nursery for Infants – Trying to impress Grandma.
Make a list of your own RIDIKULOUS items and when you get tempted to purchase them know that you should have your attention on getting more money not getting rid of it.

Prince Nico Mbarga ~ "Simplicity"

Saturday, 11 January 2014

I Don't Love You Any More

I Don't Love You Any More

These words are probably the most hurtful ones of all to hear. 
And yet, somewhere, every day these words are being said. Often to a partner who had no idea that there was anything wrong with their relationship.

We all know the wonderful feeling of falling in love. Long before we meet that special one we have practice runs with crushes on pop stars, sports idols or even the boy or girl next door. We all know what it is like to see the world in technicolor and to bring our loved-one’s name into the conversation at every possible moment.

We feel brighter, lighter and certainly happier when there is love in the air. When that love is returned, and we are told we are loved, it can make even the dullest and plainest of us feel like royalty. There truly is, as all the love songs tell us, ‘music in the air’ and we all know the feeling of having ‘wings on our heels’ as we go to meet our lover.

Perhaps nobody really warns us about how we will feel if love walks out of the door. Of course, there are songs and poems about unrequited love, but the melancholy expressed is no indicator of the gut-wrenching pain of being told that we are no longer loved. Especially if those words come from your partner and you felt the commitment you both made was to be lifelong.

So how easy is it to fall.

Thursday, 9 January 2014



Sometimes People And Their Jealousy Toward You Is Rooted In The Fact That You Are What They've Failed To Become.Your success can make others uncomfortable and unfortunately, your happiness can make some unhappy.

Thats why you may sometimes encounter people who are upset with for no apparent reason. It's not your fault, as they are dealing with deeper issues with self and their insecurity.

In the words of Marianne Williamson:

"There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure about you."

If they're busy "hating" on you,stay BUSY LOVING them."Hate" is a cancer and love is the cure!

Don't Take It Personally! It's A Distinct Sign That Your Destiny Is Extremely Close.

Wasting no time,

3rd August 2011